A fond farewell to CSM horticulture program

On May 19th, the floral classes at CSM put on a breathtaking farewell party for CSMs horticulture department.   Past and present students as well as several instructors and designers in the area came to gather to "walk down memory lane" and say goodbye to the program that changed many lives.

The students, as their final project for class, had to design table top arrangements, buffet arrangements and decorative pieces to liven up the party.  A documentary was shown in the planetarium and given to the archives of the college, slideshows were entertaining guests with the many memories they held and photos of designs and all the instructors for the program were scattered throughout the event.

Here are just a few pictures of the party and the designs featured:

Designed by former instructor Lois Wallace

Design by former student Diane Sinawi

Designed by former instructor Lois Wallace

Design by instructor Lin Bowie

Designed by instructor Yoshiko Williams

Designed by instructor Yoshiko Williams

Design by instructor Dianna Vigil

Designers for this piece included Kim and Annette Wodarczyk, Jen Hull  and Vicki Wilson.  Sorry if I forgot to mention anyone!

Design by Liane Benedict
Top of Liane's design

Bottom of Liane's design

Design by Joyce Bartell

Designed by Angela Kasidiaris

Design by Angela Kasidiaris

The next series of designs were created by Emma Soloveychik, Brenda Bennett, and Angela Kasidiaris

Design by Kim Moore

Design by Kim Wodarczyk

Design by Annette Wodarczyk

With so many designs and student designers, I could only remember a few designs and which designer created the piece.  So sorry to any of my talented, amazing classmates I forgot!  


Mother's Day

After Valentines Day and Prom season, Mothers Day is one of the busiest days of the year for us floral designers.  It was my first year taking orders for Mother's Day and it was a good start.  Here are a few of the designs that I worked on:

One of the other Mother's Day events that I started attending last year was the Filoli Mother's Day Floral Show.  This year, the theme was "The Secret Garden, Discover the Magic".  I had classmates and friends showcasing their designs, and I brought my mother and my mother-in-law to explore the house and the gardens.  For anyone in the area next year, this is a fun event to attend and bring your mother to!  Here are a few of the designs that were on display:

The design below used square pieces of cardboard.  I thought it was very inventive and added an interesting texture and color to the design.

The design below was created by my good friend Brenda Bennet of Botanicals by Brenda

This table design was by Pico Soriano 

The next three pictures are from the students at College of San Mateo.

Hope you enjoyed the photo's as much as I enjoyed making and seeing them!  Happy belated Mother's Day to all my readers!