A 30th Anniversary party

Last weekend, I put together a small gathering to celebrate my parents 30th wedding anniversary.  We had the party in our back yard, and of course it was the hottest day of the summer so far!

Some tips for planning a back yard gathering like this:

Think of lighting:  We had small chinese lanterns strung across the patio ceiling.  It created a nice mood lighting that wasn't too harsh and gave off just the right amount of light.  We also surrounded the patio with tiki torches and lit them later in the evening.  This kept the mosquitoes away and provided more mood lighting.

Recreating moments:  My parents got married in a church that didn't allow dancing so they never got a "first dance" as a married couple.  I quizzed them on a few of their favorite songs and announced a dance for them.  This is a great way to get other people moving at the party and a sweet way to recreate a moment from the couples wedding.  I also ordered a small wedding cake from a local bakery and had their original cake topper on the cake which of course, they shoved in each other's face just like 30 years ago!

  A few other ideas include reciting their vows, having the best man or maid of honor make a toast and of course having their wedding scrapbook out for the guests to enjoy!

Making new moments:  I decided to take a cue from modern weddings and created a "photo booth" area that had props and costumes for guests to enjoy.  I also attached photo's of my parents to the drape back ground for guests to look at.

Finding the right caterer:  I had the biggest problem with this.  I wanted something small and more finger foods than dinner foods so I decided that Whole Foods would be a great option.  However, they were impossible to get a hold of and had no way to leave messages.  If you decide to go with Whole Foods catering, make sure to call them weeks in advance!  Also, you'd be surprised how many smaller restaurants that you go to often cater events as well.  I ended up using a local Mediterranean restaurant and the food was amazing!

It was a very successful party and a great memory for my parents!  Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

A teaser of the photo shoot

On June 5th, I was lucky enough to participate in a promotional photo shoot at the Nimitz Mansion on Treasure Island.  The photos from the shoot aren't ready yet, but I took some of the designs for my personal records.

The color themes were pinks, yellows, browns and navy blue accents.  The entire shoot had a very vintage feeling to it.

I used bouquet holders for each of the bouquets to ensure they stayed fresh and had a water source.  I know you are probably thinking, "A bouquet holder?  You mean one of those ugly plastic things?"  Well yes I do!  In my last post, I talked about the usefulness of the bouquet holder.  They keep the flowers hydrated which in turn, keeps the bouquets fresher, longer.

Each holder was custom designed to cover up the plastic.  This gave each bouquet a unique feel that accented nicely with the design itself.

Boutonniere with orchids, Star of Bethlehem and crystal accents.  The crystal button, is a piece of antique costume jewelry.

A beautiful brides bouquet with a wire color, peony's, orchids, Star of Bethlehem, Queen Anne's Lace and calla lilies.  I was just told that this bouquet lasted an entire week without putting any extra water in the holder.  

Crystal pin used for handle decoration.

Sweet heart table decor with Queen Anne's Lace, a peony as a focal, Star of Bethlehem and hanging amaranthus.

Bouquet handle in a sparkle ribbon.

This bouquet has Veronica, lisianthus, delphinium and hydrangea.

A big thank you to Brenda Bennett and Kim Wodarczyk for their help on this project.  I couldn't have done it without you!  An another big shout out to Chyna Darner of Chyna Darner Photography and Miranda Meisenbach of Divne Affairs and Event Design for putting on the shoot.  Check back in a few weeks for photo's from the actual shoot!

Rene van Rems

Recently, I attended a workshop hosted by Mt. Eden Floral, taught by the talented and entertaining Rene van Rems hosted by Mt. Eden

Due to my schedule, I've never been able to go to a workshop like this outside of school.  After today, I plan to go to as many as my bank account will allow!

The workshop focused on bridal bouquets and how to make a fashionable bouquet using bouquet holders.  Yes, I said bouquet holders!  Those plastic, tacky looking things from the 80s.  Most bride's look once at them and say, "No way!", but I'm here to tell you, "Yes way!"

There are so many products in the floral world that can make these holders look classy, sassy and most importantly, fashionable.  You can still get the hand-tied look using the bouquet holders, but the flowers will stay fresher a lot longer than a regular hand tied bouquet.  When you are talking to your florist about your bouquet, make sure to ask them about bouquet holders and see what they can do with them, you will be surprised!

In next few weeks, you will get to see a few different styles that I worked on for a photo shoot in San Francisco.  They turned out lovely and highlighted the designer gowns that our model wore.  Check back next Monday for photos of the designs and the shoot!

Taylor and Bryce

It's amazing to me how the internet can connect people.  A good friend of mine responded to a Craigs List advertisement for a work-out buddy.  The two of them started working out together and became good friends.  A few months ago my friend introduced me to Taylor and her fiancĂ©.  When she discovered that I was a florist, she asked me if I would drive up to Yuba City and do bouquets and boutonnieres for her wedding.  I agreed and we started the planning.

For the fathers, I rolled petals from the Cabaret roses and used the cream garden rose buds.

The groomsmen boutonnieres had a cream bud with purple accents and monkey tail fern.

The grooms boutonniere was a mixture of the first two with a rolled Cabaret rose petal, monkey tail fern and cream garden rose.  For an added touch, Taylor had me put a locket on the boutonniere that belonged to Bryce's mother

The bridesmaids bouquet had mostly creams with hints of peach and a bright coral peony that really made the bouquet pop.  In each of the bouquets, there was a small photo frame of each girl with her spouse on their wedding day.  A very special touch for the special girls in Taylors life.

In the brides bouquet, I used peach garden roses, peach hydrangea, a white peony's and the beautiful Cabaret rose.  A collar of Dusty Miller surrounded the bouquet and gave it an antique feel.  There were small clusters of purple statice as a remembrance for the grooms mother who passed away.

It was definitely a challenge to get all the flowers up to Yuba City.  A few of them didn't make it and I had to take the bouquets apart in my car and fix them up a bit.  I think they turned out nicely and I loved the colors!  I did learn a lot, and have since learned some techniques I could have used from the great Rene van Rems which I will share with all you brides to be in next weeks blog post!  Until then, a big congratulations to newly-weds Taylor and Bryce Barrow!

*A big thank you to Kim Wodarczyk for her help!*