So much to little time

As some of you know, I have been planning my own wedding for the past few months.  As of yesterday, it is 2 months exactly until the big day and boy have I learned a lot about the planning process:

Here are just a few tips that I've learned that may help you while planning your special day:

#1:  Now you may think that I am just trying to promote myself by saying this, but really, hire a wedding planner!  They will help you make up your mind on certain things that you can't choose between, keep reminding you what needs to be done and give you tips on how to do it so you aren't overwhelmed.  They can keep track of all the vendors you hire and the contracts you gather, and they will help make the day of a breeze.  I did not hire a planner because of funds, but thankfully I have a fantastic friend who will be helping me on the day of!  She's been keeping me on track and reminding me of things I need to do as well as keeping me sane!

#2:  Just because you can bring in everything on your own does not mean it will be cheaper!  I love my wedding venue, really I do, but the fact that it is a privately owned home has meant that the rentals are more than I expected!  We have had to rent chairs, tables, coffee pots, glassware, and so much more and this has definitely raised the price!

#3:  DIY crafts are fun, but if you are like me, you go over board on the personal touches.  Try keeping the crafts to a minimum and remember that not everything requires you to make things from scratch!  Look on or Pinterest for vendors that sell those things you think you can make on your own!

Hope these tips helped you and sorry for the lack of posts lately!  Its been a busy couple of weeks!  Keep your eyes peeled for a sneak peak of the August wedding I will be putting together with a color scheme of red, orange and pink!  The centerpieces will have potted plants incorporated into them!!!