A Hollywood Affair

Located at the stunning Fox Theater in downtown Redwood City, the first wedding of the year for Sassy Diva Designs and Events was one to remember.

When I first talked to the bride, her name sounded very familiar.  It turns out that I had worked with her on several theatre projects in the past!

Her wedding was a month away and she had talked to another local florist, but wasn't very happy (this is not the first time a bride shared her frustration with other florists, a blog post on that will be coming soon!).  There were a few things that she wanted and was quoted at a ridiculously high price or was told that there was no way she would be able to have certain flowers, like a simple gardenia for her hair!  When I heard this, I was shocked and quickly assured her that what she wanted was available and I could give it to her within her budget.

Since the wedding was being held at the fox, we wanted something dramatic (and the bride specially requested feathers!).  I also wanted to make sure that the red roses she asked for wouldn't clash or blend in with the red curtain in the background, so we added some beautiful dark purple calla lilies.

The bridal bouquet had ivory feathers and an ivory ribbon accent with just a little bit of sparkle added to the callas.

The bridesmaids bouquet had a single feather accent (in the colors of the bridesmaid dresses, purple and teal) with the red roses and purple callas.  To add some drama to the bouquets, I made a collar out of purple aspidistra leaves.

The grooms boutonniere had a feather accent to match the bride's bouquet.  Not pictures is the groomsmen bouts which were similar but did not have the feather accent.

The other piece she asked me for was a simple arrangement on the guest book table.  I used a tall silver vase and used hydrangeas, three red roses, the purple callas and these gorgeous white ostrich feathers to add some drama.  

A special shout out to my friend and co-conspirator Allison of Cake Done Right for her work on the wedding as well, with the feathers, its like we planned the whole thing!  

It was a lot of fun working on this wedding and I wish Kris and Raegena Brunker warm wishes on their marriage!  

Bridal Fairs- To attend, or not to attend?

In an attempt to promote my business even more, I signed up to do two bridal fairs in January and February.  I heard mixed reviews from other florists on whether they got any business from the fairs or not, but I thought, what the heck, might as well try!

The first one was located in the San Jose area.  I used bright pink and purple anemone's, white Casablanca lilies, Stargazer lilies, pink David Austen garden roses, pink and cream spray roses, lisianthus, orchids and red roses to create 3 very different bouquets, a sweet heart table design, two tall centerpieces and a low centerpiece.  Take a look:

At the second fair, located at the beautiful Fox Theatre in Redwood City, I decided to try something a little different.  Instead of just doing bouquets, I matched each bouquet up with a centerpiece and created a vignette.  I used red roses, white hydrangea, eggplant purple calla lilies, peach roses, succulents, purple and pink lisianthus, jasmine, amaranthus and other greens.  I got a lot more of a response from this set up, then the last!  Enjoy the photos!

Which was your favorite design out of all these?


Life, Love and Happiness

Its been a whirlwind 6 months since this Sassy Diva got hitched.  Took a long hiatus from floral work, but now I am back and business is booming!  In the upcoming weeks, you will see posts from two of the bridal fairs I attended and photos of a Holywood Glamour wedding at the Fox Theatre in Redwood City.  We will also be talking about how to deal with your wedding florist and to not take "no" for an answer!

Lots of exciting things coming up!  Hope you enjoy!