Happy Holidays!

The Holiday season is upon us and we are all frantically running around preparing meals, shopping for gifts and spending time with our loved ones!

In honor of fall, here are a few designs for you to enjoy!

The design below was my very first attempt at the Japanese Ikebana design style.  This particular design is an upright moribana piece.  Ikebana is a very structured and disciplined study of floral design and its been interesting to learn more about it.

Not sure if I posted this before, but this is a very fall oriented wreath that I made a few months ago using a grape vine wreath, lilies, mums and fun greens.

This design is more of a traditional Western design.  Its perfect for a long table or a buffet table.  Its a very simple design that anyone can do.  Stay tuned for a post on how to create this design on your own!



My how time flies!  I've been so busy with preparing for the holidays and closing the production of Harvey that I had the honor to be in, I have barely had time to post anything!!

Speaking of Harvey, remember this picture:

Well here is the finished product:

He was a lot of fun to make, as well as quite the challenge!  He turned out to be so heavy, that a few pieces of him fell off during the travel to the gala event.  He was a big hit though!  His head is filled with plastic water tubes and his body had floral foam inside.  His hat and bow tie were bought at a local party shop and his whiskers were made of silver Oasis wire.  He is mostly made of carnations, but there are a few chrysanthemums and mums as well as some hydrangea to give more of a textured feel to him.  His eyes  and the flower in his hand are burnt orange dahlias which are mentioned in the play.

To any of my readers who made it out to the play!  Thank you so much!



Hello readers, sorry for the lack of new posts.  I've been in rehearsals for the play Harvey and it has kept me pretty busy.  Here are a few things I've been working on lately:

The first two pictures are a garden vegetative design.  The purpose of this design is to look as natural as possible.  I created the design to be seen from every direction.  Using dried lavender, heather, decorative cabbage as well as potted stock and a succulent, I created a rock garden scene.  Once I'm ready to take it apart, I will plant the succulent and the stock in my garden.  This design would be a great gift for a friend or family member who likes to garden.

Its a bit late, but this is the Halloween design I created.  I call it "The Spooky Pumpkin Patch"  I used a light up branch that I purchased at the SF Flower Mart, attached some spiders I use for my Halloween decorations (its hard to see them, but they are there.  The orange carnation represent the "pumpkins" and I added some raffia and a skull candle for a little bit more "spooky" fun.  The container is a rectangular, plastic tray that I bought at Michaels.

Next week, I will post the before and after picture of this guy:

Using chicken wire, I created a rabbit.  I will be putting carnations, spray roses and hydrangea in water tubes and decorating the structure for the opening night gala of Crystal Springs Players Harvey.  Keep coming back to see the finished product as well as a few of the other arrangements I have donated to the production!

Dia de los Muertos

Here is an interesting article on marigolds and their significance.  Click the link to read more!