Don't take "No" for an answer

Since the beginning of the year, I have talked to at least two brides who were not satisfied with their florist.  In both instances, the brides were told that certain things they wanted were not available or very expensive.  One bride wanted purple calla lillies in her bouquet and was quoted over $200.  She also wanted a gardenia in her hair and was told that they weren’t in season, so it was impossible.  Another bride really wanted submerged centerpieces, but was told they were too difficult.

As a designer, I was shocked.  A bouquet with roses and calla lilies should not cost over $200 (I charged her a whopping $85), gardenias are available year around, and submerged centerpieces are easy and very affordable.  I quickly alleviated their questions and made them feel like I was listening to them to give them everything they dreamed of.

While you are searching for your florist or floral designer (whether its me or one of the many others out there) you should feel as if they are listening to you.  If you hear the words “can’t”, “impossible”, “too hard”, “you should want this”, walk away quickly.  A florist, and any other vendor for that matter, should do everything in their power to make you feel as if they are listening and want to make your wedding the day you’ve dreamed of.  It is your day after all!

Its true that at some points in the year, certain flowers are not available, but the florist should be able to give you alternates that are similar in look and cost instead of flat out saying “no”.  Here is a good resource for when certain flowers are in season.  

Don't be afraid to ask the designer questions, or to take your time in choosing who you go with.  That being said, leave yourself plenty of time to book your florist!  You may think its one of the easiest things to do, but with all the choices out there, it can get complicated quickly  (As a side note, if you book with me early enough and are still questioning flower choices, I will take you to the flower mart as a special trip to look at the different flowers).

A few more tips for looking for a florist:

-Have a budget to work with before your initial consultation.  It helps the florist know which flowers are in your budget as well as sizes of centerpieces, bouquets etc.

-Bring pictures with you of flower choices, colors, layouts, etc.

-Know all the "extras" you want like aisle pieces, rose petals, arches, ceremony decor, cake flowers etc.  Having this list will help your florist come up with an accurate quote.

-Decide if you want to go to your local florist shop or search for a independent floral designers (see this blog post for the differences)

-Ask your friends who they have used, or ask the florist if you can talk to former clients for reviews.

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