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For the past 2 years, I served as the President for the SAIFD (Student American Institute of Floral Designers) Alexander Graham chapter at CSM, before we were unwillingly kicked out of the college and told we were just "hobbyists" (but thats another story).  The board unanimously decided to continue the educational programs that were held monthly at CSM and over the past year we have tried to figure out the best way to continue offering these amazing programs.  Over the week, it was decided that my company, Sassy Diva Designs and Events, would serve as the official head of the organization.  

Our group meets every quarter in different locations throughout the Bay Area in order to encompass both North Bay and South Bay designers.  We look for top quality designers to demonstrate the latest trends and techniques in the floral world as well as promote events that are happening all over the Bay Area.

We still have lots to figure out, but we had our first meeting under the new management last night and it was quite the show!

Our designers for the evening were former CSM instructor, Dianna Vigil, AIFD, and Irasema Carranza of Ralston Florist who put together seven gorgeous arrangements that could be used for Spring weddings or parties.  Thanks to a generous donations from California Flower Shippers in Mountain View, they were able to use whatever was in the warehouse to create these magnificent floral designs.  Here are a few pictures of what they came up with!

Dianna and Irasema  
Design #1: Perfect for an office or for someone who wants a big arrangement, but doesn't want to spend a lot.  Orange Gerbera Daisies, flax and the leaves make up this asymmetrical design.

Design #2: Pave centerpiece in bright spring colors.  A great way to add some pop to a table.

Design #3:  Tall centerpiece with manzanita, gerbera daisies, roses, orchids,  and amaranthus.   

Design #4: spring bridal bouquet with coral peonies, yellow freesias, manzanita branches, purple orchids and more.

A new trend that I am getting a lot of requests for is to use the bridal bouquet and attendants bouquet as decor for the reception.  A great way to do this is to have a decorative vase.  You can leave it empty or fill it with rocks or other materials and it makes a great centerpiece!

Design #5:  Tall birdcage with gardenias, roses, stephanotis vine and bear grass.  Very fragrant design that would look nice near the guest table or sign in table.

Design #6: This was one of my favorites.  They took a tall fluted vase (typically a rental item) and placed a wire wreath holder on top.  Asparagus vine was wound around the wreath wire and white phalaenopsis orchids were wired into the center of the vase.  They then used gardenias, roses, calla lilies  and stephanotis vine to complete the look.

When the event is over, your guests can take the top of the design home, and the designer can take the vase back.  

Design #7:  The final design of the night got a lot of "oohs" and "aahs".  A breathtaking cascade bouquet using stephanotis vine, gardenias, phalaenopsis orchids and roses.

The design was held in a bouquet holder that was covered up with white satin ribbon and an Oasis wire collar for extra support.

Over all, the designs were absolutely amazing.  Special thanks to Dianna Vigil, AIFD, and Irasema Carranza for their beautiful work, and to California Flower Shippers for the donation of all the flowers you see in these pictures as well as rental chairs for our group!  

The next event will be held this summer in San Mateo.  Keep an eye out for more details!

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