Floral Designer vs. Florist

While writing a blog post on how to look for your florist, I started thinking about the difference between what people call "florists" and what I am, a floral designer.  So we are going to start with this post first...

The first question that pops up, is one more experienced then the other?  Absolutely not.  Both florists and designers are trained to do everything that comes with floral design.  The difference lies in where they work.  Florists will typically have a shop and while working on weddings and events, they will also be taking orders for birthdays and other day to day events while managing the shop.  A designer typically focuses on one event at a time and will work out of their home or a smaller workshop, but won't have product on hand for day to day orders.

Another difference is cost.  Florist shops will usually charge an overhead, but because they always have flowers on hand and usually have someone deliver the product, they aren't as expensive as a floral designer.  Most designers will charge more because of the added time and gas it takes to pick up the flowers and supplies they need.  If the wedding is big enough, they also may need to rent a space to work and store the pieces.

It also depends on what you want your flowers to look like.  Designers will typically have more time to create an overall look to fit your theme, whereas florists in a shop will only be able to create the centerpieces and other floral pieces for the wedding.  Both will create beautiful pieces, so it depends on what you want the flowers to say about your wedding.

Hope this helps while you are deciding on florals for your wedding!  Next week, check in and read some tips on how to talk to your florist or designer at the initial consultation!

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